First thing first, let us introduce ourselves. Us? Yep, I mean me and Kaira. I am a 26-year-old new mom who currently and happily is taking care of our (husband and I) first baby girl named Kaira (full name: Audrey Kaira Anindita). Kaira was born on Sunday morning, June 26th, 2013. She was born with 51 cm length and 3,5 kg weight (what a pretty weight and tall baby huh?). Alhamdulillah she grows happily and healthily.

Meet Kaira….

Then meet Kaira with her mom (read: me)…

So, what will be the contents of this blog? What will I write here? Just stuffs about Kaira’s daily development (just as future reminder note actually) and maybe some parenting notes that I read and/or experienced. So, if what I write here are useful to some people, then thanx God. I am not a parenting thingy expert, but I just wanna share and as always, sharing is beautiful…



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