Basic Colour Recognition

Wow.. I think I’ve been absent for two months? So sorry for the vacuum. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t in a mood of writing and I lately used my spare time to take a rest or read books or prepare acivities for baby K. Oh and yeah we also had holiday out last month but we’ll tell the stories later. Let’s get back to the track and I’ll fill this blog with the last two months’ activities.

At the age of 15 months old, I’ve been starting to recognize three basic colours to Kaira. First, I made these 6 simple circles of 3 basic colours in a paper (print it or hand draw it, whatever you like). I also cut 6 circles out of a used cardboard box and cut 6 circles of 3 basic colours that I drew and painted in a paper. Then, I glue the coloured papers on the cardboard box circles and laminated it by tape. The last step would be put the paper on the wall and secure it with tape and glue the velcro on each circles.



She did quite a good job. She matched it and I mention the colour. I also asked her to point out which is red, yellow, and blue.



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