Baby’s Discovery Box


I think, playing discovery box is the most common and simple play for babies. And all babies must love doing this kind of activity. All of our babies must always empty the drawers or everything in a storage box, right? So, to make our baby occupied for a while, all we have to do is just put any random stuffs into an empty box. I put anything that I see seems interesting and haven’t seen by my baby before. Necklaces and bracelets (I am the collector of these two kinds of jeweleries so I have plenty of them), combs, brush (that’s used for make up), strings, cake molds, feeder, et cetera. I put them all in a box then gave it to baby K. Soon, she became busy taking out all of the stuffs one by one and observed it with big curiosity.



This activity and other similar activities help her develop ideas on  shapes, weight of different object, filling and emptying, colours, taste (she mouths some pieces), soft, hard, gravity and sound (when they dropped the things), texture, plus so much more. The activity also helps her developing motor skills in grasping, handling objects between two hands, hand eye coordination and more.

I think I’ll make other kinds of discovery boxes which is more specific and have theme. It’s really fun to see everytime our babies discovering something, isn’t it?


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