Painting With Yoghurt

If painting with real paints are still too dangerous for baby or young toddler like Kaira (1y2d), who still put stuffs into her mouth, then let’s painting with consumable paint. I got the idea from the internet that yoghurt can be used for babies learning painting. Yoghurt is liquid and it’s white so what we need to do is just to add some food colouring into it then… voila! Just like a real paint but eatable, hahahah… Plus, it doesn’t take much effort, does it?

Let’s see how we did it..

I provided three cubes for three yoghurt with three different food colourings… oh yeah, and three spoons, too..


Then baby K started to hold the spoons and took them out from the cubes..


She even stood on her high chair while mixing the colours..


Then, tadaaaa…


The activity stopped because baby K was sleepy. She also used her fingers to paint, but my cellphone was in low battery so I couldn’t take picture of it. In this activity, we make an introduction of colours to our baby, colour mixing, baby also learns how to hold the spoon and how to dip. To decrease the mess, I spreaded used newspapers below the high chair. And yeah, I had to change baby K’s outfit after this activity, hahaha..


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